Integra Services International Begins Operations

From: Lance Shanklin (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 16:54:41 EEST

Integra Services International Begins Operations
Georgetown, TX, August 5, 2002 - Integra Services International, Inc.
(Integra) is a rapid prototyping (RP) equipment service provider
beginning operations August 15, 2002. Initially, Integra intends to
provide services to North American users of RP equipment utilizing the
selective laser sintering process. With offices located in both Texas
and Michigan, we believe we can offer on-site support to users within
one business day of reported trouble.
Integra has 20 years of combined technical expertise in the RP industry
that will allow us to successfully support all existing platforms
immediately. Integra will provide phone support as well as contract
services. We intend to offer customized support packages as well as
time and materials support. With the expertise in the industry and a
heart for service, we believe we will be offering customers a valuable
service alternative.
If we can be of service, or if you need more information, please do not
hesitate to contact us at <> or by phone at 254-933-2970.
Best Regards,
Lance Shanklin

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