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From: Markus Hitter (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 11:43:58 EEST

Am Dienstag den, 6. August 2002, um 18:18, schrieb Rick:

> Has anyone ever tried to insert mold rings on a part during a
> build on a sla
> machine?

You can stop the SLA at any given time, preferably when a layer
is just finished.

Before you try to insert the rings, make sure they resist liquid
resin which is much more agressive than hardened resin.

The additional volume of the rings in the vat is no problem at
all, the levelling system will take care of it.

If your rings stay above the liquid surface after insertion you
have to choose a build style which doesn't use the sweeper. This
is slow but possible. Watch out wether/where the rings shadow
the laser light, then.

There might be major difficulties removing the liquid resin
between the ring and the part surface after the build. Maybe the
resin even becomes hardened without being touched by the laser
light. Common problem to small spaced features with SLA's.

Hope that helps,
Markus Hitter

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