Beginning a career in RP

From: Rick Lott (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 16:10:08 EEST

In May of this year, Boeing Satellite Systems decided to close it's RP shop
and layoff it's one RP employee, me. Luckily for me, I have been working in
the RP field for over 12 years and hand the contacts and resources to locate
nearly every RP shop in the Los Angeles region, of which there are 30 or so
within a 50 mile radius of my home. Unfortunately, none of them are hiring.
Like Boeing, the majority of companies that have their own equipment have a
minimal staff, usually one person. (The process is just too darn efficient.)
The remaining job shops are like everyone else in America, suffering from
the economic downturn of September 11. In other words, not hiring.

I can read the writing on the wall. I am currently taking advantage of a
scholarship to learn a new trade. It will be my 6th career change.

>From that pessismistic viewpoint I offer the following advice to those of
you who seek to begin a career in RP: Buy a machine and start your own
shop. It's your best and probably only shot at getting in. It will be worth

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