Model Exhibition and Architectural Manufacturing App'ns of RP

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Hi Jonathon,

There is a lot of interest in RP applcations within construction at the moment. I have just returned from the SFF Symposium in Texas where a group of us met to discuss this topic. Our objective is to scale up the RP technologies to the point that we can roll a truck on site (or land a ship on Mars) and start building freeform architectural geometries. The main freeform technique we are focussing on is Behrokh "Berok" Khoshnevis's Contour Crafting process Berok has just received funding to produce a full sized machine that we will be duplicating, in the near future, here at Loughborough University and at the Biba Institute in Bremen, Germany under Hans Mueller and Claus Aumund-Kopp Another key figure in this meeting was Kevin Rotheroe (Freeform Digital Design and Manuf Studio who presented a paper on the freeform steel fabrication techniques he is currently applying to a commission he has received. Though a smaller project than the Disney project the freeform nature of the structural elements that make up his design go way beyond the Disney project and this is only the start of where he intends to take it. As for my contribution I am particularly interested in the possibilites of including structural functionality into the design that not only affects the external geometry but also its internal geometry (in particular what lies behind the walls and goes unseen). This will involve complex ducting for ventilation, exchange of respiratory gasses, air conditioning /cooling, waste recycling, water purification, thermo-regulation and homeostasis within the structure.

It's early days but we would like to here from anyone that would like to be involved.


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I am attempting to finish a series of Mathematical Models for an Art +
Architecture Exhibition related to RP technology.
I have a final series of shapes to produce which consists of roughly 50
models that fit in an envelope of 1" x 2" x 2" and which will probably later
be chrome plated. Is it possible that there is a manufacturer or vendor that
may be able to add these models (over time) in with benchmark pieces, or in
some other fashion, so as to make the completion of this project financially
Also, I would be interested in hearing from anyone that is doing research
into Architectural applications of RP with respect to actual manufacturing
processes (as opposed to model-making), or who is familiar with BOCAD, the
manufacturing of curved building envelope panels, and/or processes utilized
in the Walt Disney Concert Hall Project by Frank Gehry.
Jonathan Chertok
Universal Joint Design

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