RE: Stellite 6 castings

From: Liu, Xing Yang (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 18:25:59 EEST

Hi Mike,
Deloro Stellite located in Belleville, Ontario is specialized in Stellite
alloys and you might want to contact them. Good luck.
Mark X. Liu, Ph.D.
Project Leader
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
National Research Council of Canada
800 Collip Circle
London, Ontario
Canada N6G 4X8
Phone: (519) 430-7042
Fax: (519) 430-7064
Email: Xingyang.Liu@NRC.CA

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Subject: Stellite 6 castings

Hello all.
I am in need of a foundry capable of casting Stellite 6. Any interested
parties please respond to the following email address : <> .
Thanks, in advance
Mike Mayes
Harvest Technologies

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