RE: what is zephyr recoating process?

Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 08:20:13 EEST

As i know zephyr recoating does not use blade, it is a rectangular box which has resin in it and this box is connecte to a vacuum pump to adjust the level of the resin in the box, with this method while this box is moving on the platform the resin is added or taken from the vat.

This method is not applying force on the resin surface and does not affect your precise and thin parts (important when they are fragile parts).

that is all from my side,

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Subject: what is zephyr recoating process?

Hi guys,

Does SLAs use deep dipping process or blade for sweeping resin at which
machines installed zephyr recoating system?
Actually, I want to know how zephyr process works..what are the differences
from deep dipping or doctor blade processes?
As a second question, I had some information to measure top of the resin
with using He-Ne laser. is it still used?


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