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From: George Hatzilias (
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 19:02:43 EEST


We offer a full range 3d scanning services, are local here in Atlanta, and
can more than meet your needs. We have portable equipment and will provide a
quote straight from an image.

Our capabilities range from small micron scale parts to full scale vehicles.
We utilize precision non-contact optical scanning as well as traditional
CMMs. To give you an example a full car can be scanned in as little as 1-2
days, with fully registered point clouds well up into millions of points,
and tolerances of as little as 0.005" bumper to bumper.

Our first article inspection for injection molding can provide you with:
-3d scans in native and industry standard formats
-layout drawings with critical dimensions, pass fail, out tols... etc.
-graphical and text reports
-3d interactive graphical overlays and freeware communication/markup tools
-reverse engineered "as built" models
-interactive metrology analysis tools
-fast ultra dense scans, hundreds of thousands of points in one click, and
reveal things like warpages, bends/twists, and other distortions just not
visible with discrete point scans.

other services include:
-methodology development and consulting
-3d scanning
-data archiving
-inspection, qc etc
-reverse engineering
-rapid surfacing
-design services
-engineering services
-product development services

We quote 3d scanning related work on a project by project basis, please
email a digital image to for an estimate.


Giorgos Hatzilias
Slingshot PDG
3675 Crestwood Pkwy Suite 400
Duluth, GA 30096

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Subject: Dimensional layout source?

Looking for source to provide quality control dimensional analysis for
plastic injection molded parts. Requirements would be 100% dimensional
layout for CMM or scan, including critical dimensions, for 120 first article
parts over next 2-3 weeks. Thereafter, sample batches of 60-240 parts would
be sent for QC analysis. Local to Atlanta area would be helpful, but not
critical. Thanks.

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