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A bit off topic - lost foam sand castingYes it is investment casting. A chemically bonded sand is used. This way the sand can be placed around the part and gently compacted by hand to control distortion of the pattern. We typically used an expanded polystyrene bead board (cheap insulation). There are special foam boards available. They have some improved qualities but are not a requirement for many types of castings. The pattern can easily be built from pieces and glued with small amounts white glue or epoxie. On a fireplace grate we had problems with the glue bond not being strong enough due to the length of the ribs compared to the bonding area. It was for personal use so we also used long nails to pin it together. They also helped stiffened the foam. Yes, they are still there-buried in the iron.
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  Greetings RP'ers

  Anyone out there know anything about lost foam sand casting. Most people I've spoken too seem to assume that it's an investment casting process wheras I'm sure I've heard of it being used for sand-casting. I need to know 2 things:-

  What grade of expanded polystyrene is typically used for the sacrificial patterns?
  Is there a foundry (preferably in the UK) that has experience of producing large bronze components using this process?

  Thanks in advance for your help

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