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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 16:51:57 EEST

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> Jeffrey,
> One relatively new subtractive technology you might want to
> check into is laser cavity machining. I have seen this machine in action
> and it is very impressive for small details. I'm sure it is a bit Pricy
> (OK allot pricy) for most of us but there might be some shops out there
> that offer this service. I am not aware of anyone offering the machine
> services yet. Here is the link on the laser if you are interested in
> looking into this machine. and a
> description of the machine from the web page:
> DML 40 S: 6-axed-lasering with 3 optical and 3 mechanical axes
> The DML 40 S now also permits machining of vertical walls through 6-axis
> technology and its 3 mechanical- and 2 optical axes. A measuring probe
> reliably controls the depth of the structures to be machined. The beam
> path with its horizontal beam is operated by the LaserSoft 3D control so
> that intricate and fine structures, as well as molds no long present a
> problem for you. The housing of the DML 40-machine is not only
> appealing, but offers perfect space utilization with its small footprint
> and easy access to the work area. In addition, the most advanced
> components guarantee the precision needed for laser machining.
> As far as the Mini Mills I would be concerned with the machine
> accuracy for your small parts. I have machined several small parts with
> a full sized CNC Mill and still had accuracy problems. Sure you can use
> cutter comp and tune in the dimensions but sometimes the part cant be
> measured due to complex curvatures on the final part. There is a big
> difference in accuracy in CNC machines. Older cheaper machines don't
> hold accuracy as well as some of the newer high speed machines. Balanced
> tool holders are also very important for accuracy. Just double check the
> accuracy specs on whatever you decide to purchase.
> Good luck
> Mark Zeiner
> IdeasMold

We will be offering this service of 3D Laser Machining and Engraving when
the Machine arrives in Sept. After installation, training and getting the
work that is already lined up for it done, I would anticipate the service
being available mid to late October. This machine will be capable of high
speed 2D or 3D surface engraving on either flat or curved surfaces and will
also come equipped with a 4th axis for the rotation of production fixtures
or to do just plain cylindrical parts.
Best Regards.
Neil George

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