RE: question for those involved in RP on medical applications

From: Bibb, Richard (PDR) (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 17:28:20 EEST

Dear Rafael and list,

I'm not an expert in orthopaedic surgery but as far as I know you cannot
make an artificial hip joint from anything non-metallic. Acrylic (double
processed PMMA) is sometimes used in craniofacial reconstruction but these
tend not to be physically load bearing, certainly no where near the kind of
loads a hip joint would be expected to undergo.

Although many artificial hip joints incorporate ceramic and plastic bearing
surfaces the main parts are either titanium or a medical grade of stainless

I am also curious as to why you want a non-metallic artificial hip joint? I
have seen hip replacement surgery first hand and there's no way I'd have
anything less than top quality metal work if it were me under the knife!

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