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We are a rapid prototyping foundry located in Denver Colorado. Our
primary casting process is RPM (rubber plaster mold)
using an SLA as our initial pattern. We are expanding our capabilities
into investment casting and have been conducting
extensive research into "rapid investment casting" using patterns
generated in thermoplastic. We have had great success
in using not only the ThermoJet patterns, but also in using "wax"
patterns from Solidscape & Sanders machines. So far, we have
cast parts in both zinc and aluminum. Please contact me if you would
like further details.


Brett Peak
Sales Manager
Prototype Casting, Inc.
4696 Ironton, PO Box 390485
Denver, CO 80239

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Whilst we are on the topic of castings, I was approached
the other day about using ThermoJet parts for a pattern
in lost wax casting.

Has anyone on the list BTDT? Have you been happy with the results?

(BTDT=been there, done that)

Thanks in advance,


Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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