Re: A bit off topic - lost foam sand casting

Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 03:20:16 EEST

> >
> > Anyone out there know anything about lost foam sand casting. Most people
> > I've spoken too seem to assume that it's an investment casting process
> > wheras I'm sure I've heard of it being used for sand-casting. I need to
> > know 2 things:-
> >
> > What grade of expanded polystyrene is typically used for the sacrificial
> > patterns?

Dear Sir,

You are unlucky, because I made a special feature articles
 in the Journal of JFS vo.74(2002)7,453-482 written in Japanese.

Title and Authors
Forward for the Special Issue: M.Imamura
Processing of Styrene Foam: M.Imamua
Hot-Wire Cutting for Polystyrene Foam: Y.Saito
Examining for Lost Foam (EPC) Pattern Production: Y.kitazawa
Application of Foam Polystyrene to Casting: A.Ikenaga, M.Uike and S.Moriwaki
Manufacturing Mock-ups on Styrene Foam and Its Application

Its a good timing to show the technology movement in this department.

Best regards,


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