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Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 18:13:34 EEST

DeskArtes 3Data Expert has this functionality. You can down-load it from
The cost is $1,195.00

The following is the section of our product configuration list:

3Data Expert (BASE) for STL files (3DE0500-020100B)
- View & Measure STL Models
- Full Repair & Editing of STL Models
- Scale, Position, Rotate, Mirror & Build Preparation
- Split STL files, Boolean Functions, Adding Pins, Holes, etc.
- Reduce & Refine Triangle Count in STL Models
- Macros for frequently used command series
- Platform Definition
- Positioning Tools
- Z-Compensation
- Easy Drain Hole Generation
- Automatic Support Structures
- Interactive Volume Support Structures
- Slicing of STL Models, Direct Slicing of IGES/VDA

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Michael Tsenter wrote:

> Has anyone had good results using software that removes one .stl from another
> (difference) , if so could you let me know who sells it.
> I also wanted to note that the Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center used SLA
> models of conjoined twins in 1976 and the models were very useful for the 28
> hour surgery. As a result of that success we set up an imaging center at the
> hospital with an SLA 500 to make models. There was little in the press about
> it because one of the bigger problems for these children is to have a normal
> life and not be in the center of a media circus.
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