Additive Manufacturing and the Future!

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Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 20:28:05 EEST

Check out some of these potential applications for additive manufacturing...

University of Arizona Optical Scientist Creates Inkjet Printed
Light-Emitting Devices

Cheap, plastic solar cells may be on the horizon, thanks to new technology
developed by UC Berkeley, LBNL chemists

Hmmm...Just think:
        Self powered LCD/LED displays for laptops, desktops and TV's...
        Art objects from RP that can be clear, colored or change dynamically
at the pleasure of the artist...
        Indirect lighting with wallpaper that glows...
        Wallpaper TV's for that matter...
        And the list goes on and on...

These were published 6 months ago...

Ok... so I'm a little behind on my reading.


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