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Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 13:38:46 EEST

Dear Elaine,

I reminber the benchmark that concerned the layered manufacturing machines
and the associated case studies for benchmarking the sensors that were used
for scanning at the beginning of 90s, mainly laser-based scanners.
Some colleagues from Canada was involved in such task. I think that a
conference took place in Germany for the presentation of the synthesys of
all these works. I think the papers are accessible to everyone.

I think that reverse engineering chains (from 3D acquisition to final CAD
model or a physical functional object) had an important evolution during
the last 5 years.

I completely agree with you when you say that "time has come that such
study would benefit the industry greatly".

I know about an Expression of Interest for the 6th PCRD of the EU about
Reverse Engineering. Perhaps, this should be an interesting context to
deploy such initiative. Of course, IMS-RPD also exists. As you mention it,
GARPA should also endorse such initiative.

Who would agree to contribute to such benchmarking?

I know that some of you have a very attentive interest in RE.

Looking forward,

Best Regards,


At 14:47 26/08/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>At 01:46 PM 8/26/2002 -0400, Ping Fu wrote:
>>In my extensive market research, I have not seen complete benchmark
>>done in this industry sector.
>Dick Aubin did the IMS benchmark which looked at all systems that were
>current at the time of the study. However the raw data was only available
>to the membership. If anyone wants to do a repeat study such as GARPA I
>believe the time has come that such a study would benefit the industry
>greatly. While the IMS study was volunteer and many of the parts were
>"handmade" to benefit the company the results I knew about was surprising.
>Where are all the pioneers now? Surely Dick was not the last of the breed?
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