RE: Stolen emails

From: Bill Bedford (
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 17:07:50 EEST

At 9:29 am -0400 27/08/02, Larry Blasch wrote:

>I appreciate the warning.
>But it's likely that it will be a one time occurrence...

Don't think so..........
>Spammers, hackers and other criminals are using programs that search mailing
>lists for valid addresses and routing info and then modify their own e-mail
>headers to confuse the target/recipient and cover their tracks.

Sounds like a Klenz virus. which will send from an infected machine a
copy of itself with an innocent filename to all the addresses in the
Outlook address book using an random address in the 'From' header.

Once started you can expect more of these.


Bill Bedford

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