RE: MRI/CT scan data to CAD acceptable format

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Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 18:19:48 EEST

While on this subject.... Is their web-based libraries archiving CT scans of
human soft tissue organs? e.g. kidney, colon, esophagus, lungs, heart,
upper and lower GI stuff, etc.

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Dear Saradindu and list,
To go from CT or MRI data to CAD compatible formats requires software like
Mimics from Materialise or Biobuild from Anatomics (there are other around
too). These packages are not cheap and the formats that they can export may
be limited depending on which package and additional modules you buy.
I have been in this area for many years now so if you tell me exactly what
you are trying to achieve I may be able to advise you better.
kind regards,
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