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From: Jim Williams (
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 20:47:19 EEST

Thanks for your suggestion. We've actually connected with Hugo. I think
Visual Human Project and Hugo are one and the same. The sight and the data
is cumbersome and somewhat inadequate. Not to say we lack a lot of
experience in pulling out specific body parts. We're still novices and I'm
searching for alternatives.
Many thanks,
Jim Williams

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Dear Jim and list,
If you do a web search I guess you may find people who have 3D files of
various body parts, usually bones and joints but other stuff too. The
alternative is to get access to the Visual Human Project. It contains CT and
MRI data of two whole people. There are conditions that apply and you have
to register to get access but once you do you can theoretically create any
bits you want.
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