Cheap hardware research and development services from Eastern Europe

From: David Bruno (
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 02:25:42 EEST

  We would like to offer you a new project for hardware companies - "Agamma"
( ).
  By providing for target groups with specific hardware products and services
we have following areas of specialization:
   - Telecommunication;
   - The industrial measuring equipment;
   - Control systems of power circuits;
   - SCADA Smarthome;
   - Embedded control.

  Among our products are (
   - Industrial measuring products (Precision Thermostat and Multi-channel analog
-digital converter module);
   - SCADA (road and other controllers);
   - SmartHome solution (allows you to control all in your building);
   - Telecom solutions (communications gateways, interstation equipment, M&S
equipment, Unicard).

  Qualifications technologies we use:
  Parallel-Computing , Simple Multitasking, VxD , WDM, Signal Processing , IP
stack , R1, R2, PCM, SS7 , OneTouch , SingleWire , Embeded TCP/IP.
  We provide consult services ( ) for
business optimization in such field as - Aircraft equipment, equipment for
manufactures, RS controllers, vehicle diagnostics, heavy and chemical industry,
telecom providers, gas and oil providers.
  Our technical center is located in the Eastern Europe (in one of the largest
industrial centers) - this gives us the opportunity to offer you services for
10 USD per hour (research and other ). On the same reason all products developed
by us are cheap.
  Are you interested to look at products , which are already developed? To see
range of services and to know how your company can start work with "Agamma Inc."?
Take a look at and you will get the answer to all of your questions.

 David Bruno
 Marketing director,
 Agamma Inc.
 Telephone: +380-61-234-8109
 Telephone-fax: +380-61-234-5457

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