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<< I am not sure about the
 accuracy of CT/MRI scanners in the sense that they collect lots of data
 but then output filtered data as 2D slices from which software like
 materialize create the 3D surfaces. The problem with "live" subject is
 -- how the hell are you going to measure internal organs for comparison?
 :-). >>

Hi AR:

Not that I know a lot about this subject, but I am aware that there are
companies that make so-called "phantoms" that are used as standards for CT
scanners and the like. In fact some of these companies seem to use SLA to
make them. These are objects of known dimensions that are filled with water
in certain areas and simulate standard organs.

I believe there are one or 2 companies listed on our med pages and I seem to
recall that patents or applications were issued in the last few months.


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