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I believe all that was done with the prisoner's consent -- I am not sure
atleast thats what I heard. Many people give their bodies for scientific
research. Otherwise medical schools and bio engineers would not have
anatomy labs ... students wouldnt have any thing to learn from.
One of the laproscopy surgeons in town is very concerned that he trains
interns for 9 months and they get to try their hand may be on one at
best two surgeries before going back and being called trained
laproscopic surgeons. It is a question one must ponder when oneself is
put under the knife (experience of the surgeon). So while I agree with
you if some one was forced into donating their body but if they do so
willingly (and I have no idea about the true story behind the guy in vis
project) then it is ok in my view. Even Einstein gave his brain to one
of the medical schools (can some one verify this urban legend?).
This is not to get into the ethics of scientific experiments on animals
and stuff so i hope i dont start a flame war here.

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I would like to take a moment to raise an important issue in regards to
the posts from time to time that call for the use of human scan data.
Invariably the thread will lead in a meaningful way to the possible use
of the National Library of Medicines Visible Human Data Set. As such I
would like to take a brief moment and step up on the soap box and make a
short little statement.

I would encourage anyone on moral grounds not to be involved with data
acquired from the Visible Human Project. It was aquired from a convicted
felon on death row who was scanned before his execution and then after
his execution frozen and physically sliced into thousands of micortome
layers. The use of prisoners in this fashion is a dangerous road to
take even one step down.

On a personal note I used this data myself once and still feel guilty
about doing so to this day. Please join me in refraining from
participating in this sort of human rights abuse.

Ok thats all; I'll step down from my box and hope that my message made
its mark.


Eitan Priluck

Biomedical Modeling Inc. wrote:

Or you could purchase a program called Poser 4.0 and get the High
body's from DAZ 3D. They have high res female/make and skeleton files.

Karl R. Denton
Lead Engineer
RP and Casting Operations
Williams International

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Hello Jim,

If you are looking to purchase ready-made files I would contact Visible
Productions in Ft. Collins, CO. They do great work and have compiled
their database of human anatomy from the visible human project and other
studies. They can also give you the file in many different formats to
suit your needs. I believe that they are also the ones providing some
of the anatomical data you can purchase from



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