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Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 14:08:55 EEST

Hello, the best way to do it is with a UV Spot Curing device, using
either the resin or Photo curable filler. It is produced by a company
called SLA Assoc. Sales. For more info on that you can either get a
hold of me or UV Source Inc. (That's the company that sells the Spot
curing device). If you don't have that then we have found that super
glue with an accelerator works pretty well. (not quite as strong, but
will suffice) Hope this helps out.

Edd Bunch
Auburn Engineering
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Hi List, I have a question for you out there with experience of glueing
or mating SLA parts togheter, the situation requires a large part to be
build. I have to make several parts and the assemble them togheter to
make the large part (restricted by the size of the platform, using a SLA
250). The resin used is 5170.

Any input on what I can use to glue, and also how it is best done is
very much appreciated.

With Regards

Sven E Gustafsson

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