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Vantico makes a UV adhesive specifically for joining stereolithography models. This material also works effectively for patching drain holes in quickcast patterns with minimal ash content. Stereolithography customers can order a free 60 cc syringe of the UV adhesive and patch material by calling Vantico customer service at (+1) 800-285-4784.

Also, if you are seeking a non-UV adhesive, Vantico makes a 2-part methacrylate adhesive, Araldite 2022. Araldite 2022 is extremely tough and bonds SL and dissimilar materials (metallic and non-metallic) effectively. Araldite 2022 is sold in 50 cc cartridges. This material may be ordered from Vantico customer service, or Vantico's distributor network. Please contact customer service for a distributor near you.

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Subject: Glueing RP parts

Hi List, I have a question for you out there with experience of glueing
or mating SLA parts togheter, the situation requires a large part to be
build. I have to make several parts and the assemble them togheter to
make the large part (restricted by the size of the platform, using a SLA
250). The resin used is 5170.

Any input on what I can use to glue, and also how it is best done is
very much appreciated.

With Regards

Sven E Gustafsson

Sven-Erik Gustafsson
Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32816

Phone (lab): 407-823-4684

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