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Doug I think the point you raise is where the difficulty is and where the water becomes treacherous. I would ask you to reexamine the idea of consent and volunteering when it takes place in a environment such as prison. Consent is not always what it seems and I dont mean this in a completely nefarious way but rather more subtly but just as powerfully. Many societys think in this relative way. For Instance can a child consent to signing a contract or having sex many legal systems say no. How about the abysmally poor in 3rd world countries who are offered money for their Kidneys and other body parts, certainly they have consented in fact taken money for this... have they not nonetheless been abused. Last but not least and this comparison may make some people angry but perhaps it will give you a moments pause. The Chinese govt wich has been widely criticized and condemned for using executed prisoners to supply organ transplants for critically ill patients makes the arguement and has sighned statements from pri
soners that they are volunteering to have their organs taken to help repay their debt to society.
I hope that I have persuaded you and others that maybe this is not as straightforward a case of consents as it might first appear.
Eitan Priluck

 Doug Groh wrote: Eitan:I am sorry that we have never met. I would however like to comment to you on this subject. My wife's uncle was a habitual prisoner. He would no sooner become released when he found a way to get placed back behind bars. He told me that he was volunteering for lots of scientific experiments. It gave him extra money, and made him feel like he was giving back for his mistakes. He passed away a few years ago while still in prison. He told me that lots of fellow inmates do this. If it wasn't a problem with him, it is very possible it wasn't a problem with the former gentleman convict. This is just a thought. Thank you. Doug Groh----- Original Message ----- From: Eitan Priluck To: Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 5:48 PMSubject: RE: Body part libraries

I would like to take a moment to raise an important issue in regards to the posts from time to time that call for the use of human scan data. Invariably the thread will lead in a meaningful way to the possible use of the National Library of Medicines Visible Human Data Set. As such I would like to take a brief moment and step up on the soap box and make a short little statement.

I would encourage anyone on moral grounds not to be involved with data acquired from the Visible Human Project. It was aquired from a convicted felon on death row who was scanned before his execution and then after his execution frozen and physically sliced into thousands of micortome layers. The use of prisoners in this fashion is a dangerous road to take even one step down.

On a personal note I used this data myself once and still feel guilty about doing so to this day. Please join me in refraining from participating in this sort of human rights abuse.

Ok thats all; I'll step down from my box and hope that my message made its mark.


Eitan Priluck

Biomedical Modeling Inc. wrote: Or you could purchase a program called Poser 4.0 and get the High Resolution
body's from DAZ 3D. They have high res female/make and skeleton files.

Karl R. Denton
Lead Engineer
RP and Casting Operations
Williams International

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Hello Jim,

If you are looking to purchase ready-made files I would contact Visible
Productions in Ft. Collins, CO. They do great work and have compiled
their database of human anatomy from the visible human project and other
studies. They can also give you the file in many different formats to
suit your needs. I believe that they are also the ones providing some
of the anatomical data you can purchase from

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-Eitan Priluck


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