RE: Body part libraries

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 18:46:09 EEST

At 08:36 AM 8/30/2002 -0600, Andy Christensen wrote:
  But key issues remain in the development of methods to link
>such image data to text-based data. Standards do not currently exist for
>such linkages. Basic research is needed in the description and
>representation of image based structures, and to connect image-based
>structural-anatomical data to text-based functional-physiological data.

I have some reservations about data obtained from prisoners.... but other
donations, provided they realize what their bodies will be used for,
certainly add to the medical information. I find it sad that the medical
industry and industry is the key word here... has not figured out how to
collect, connect, and use information daily from patients who wish their
disease treatments to add to current medical knowledge.
I am sure our understanding could be quickly broadened if such avenues were

I am sure the elderly has been a fertile ground for practicing
physicians....When I look at my mother's medical history and see all the
procedures that were done and suggested... I know they were not being done
to prolong her life... nor were they done to promote any knowledge but the
participating doctor...


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