Production Mini-plants in mobile containers. Co-investment Program

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Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter. Your inquiry was forwarded by Science Network to these offices where we manage and coordinate the international development and operations for Production Mini-plants in mobile containers.

Currently, we are preparing the installation of small Assembly Plants in order to manufacture mobile production units (Mini-plants in containers of 40-foot) on the site, region or country where they may be required. One of the most relevant features is the fact that these Assembly Plants will be connected to the Operating System for World Trade, with access to more than 53 million raw materials, products and services and automatic transactions for world trade.

An Assembly Plant (33,000 square feet) can manufature at first stage a wide variety of products: Bakeries, Steel Nails, Welding Electrodes, Tire Retreading, Reinforcement Bar Bending for Construction Frameworks, Sheeting for Roofing, Ceilings and Fašades, Plated Drums, Aluminum Buckets, Polypropylene-injected Housewares, Pressed Melamine Items (Glasses, Cups, Plates, Mugs, Etc.), Mufflers, Electrically-welded Construction Meshes, Plastic Bags and Packaging, Health Care Mobile Units, Medical Supplies (Hypodermic Syringes, Hemostatic Clamps, etc.)
Due to financial reasons, involving cost and social impact, the right thing to do is to set up assembly plants in the same countries and regions, using local resources (labor, some equipment, etc.) On the other hand, let's not forget that for these kind of systems there is preferred financing, both private and public, as well as from foundations, and so forth.

SCiNet Corporation --which participates with 50% in the investment of each plant-- is selecting with high-priority character potential partners, both investors and strategic, for the setting up of assembly plants with a worldwide scope.

During the last months we have received more than 18,500 requests from 240 countries in order to co-invest with our corporation for the installation of assembly plants for the production of mini-plants in mobile containers. To have an idea of the requests for Mini-plants received in the last few months, we would need to install more than 70 Assembly Plants and produce 140,000 Mini-plants every year. With this type of technology we would respond to the basic needs of a population of 2 billion people, and consequently, these 70 Assembly Plants would cost 11 cents Dollar per person! (US$ 0.11).
In this respect, we are certain that important agreements can be reached with institutions, organizations, governments, etc. in many developing countries or those with extremely serious social problems, where a system with these features is the most appropriate solution and in many cases, the only one solution.

The Assembly plant will be able to manufacture different portable production systems, as described in "Co-investment Program", besides others that can be built as they are needed. At the beginning, the plant will manufacture those products targeted to four big market segments (customers):

a) International SCiNet's customers, by means of The Operating System for World Trade;

b) Local market, according to official needs (Government) and private sector (small producers and merchants), etc.;

c) Regional market, bordering countries, where there are special and important necessities;

d) International Organizations (World Bank, ONU, UNICEF, FAO, OMS, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, etc.), Foundations, Non-
Governmental Organizations and AID Agencies.

For more information "Production Mini-plants in mobile containers" (World Trade News) click here:
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Assembly Plant for the manufacture in series of production Mini-plants in mobile containers:
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Map with Countries and regions of the World included in the program of Science Network┤s:
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SCiNet, the Operating System for World Trade:
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You can obtain the document "Assembly Plant for production in series of Mini-plants in mobile containers" which includes the main sections: 1) Production Systems, 2) Program and Co-investment project, 3) Characteristics of a prototype Assembler Plant, 4) The Operating System for World Trade, 5) Characteristics of the Assembly Plant 6) Investment, costs and profitability, 7) Co-investment (joint-venture), Corporative structure and 8) Additional information and general outlines of the Plant. It's a document "Assembly Plant, Co-investment Program" in Adobe Acrobat format (38 pages, 2.6 MB.):

You can download a brief exposition of Co-investment Program (pages 17 to 23) in PDF format (Acrobat Reader) 47 KB: <A HREF=""></A>

Press release, World Trade News, by Kimberly Adams, Editor: "(...) From a technological standpoint, it is an incontrovertible fact that this system is unique in the global area, aimed at solving very serious problems, starting with that which is most basic: the survival of millions of human beings..." (62 KB, PDF Format):
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Placement of SCiNet Corporation in 2,073,418,204 (more than two billion) specialized web sites from 245 countries with regards to terms and strategic concepts for Worldwide commerce, Financial systems, High Tech and Industrial production:
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If you are interested in participating as an associate partner in your region or country, do not hesitate to contact this office, attaching a brief explanation of your ideas, requirements and/or projects. We request you to send us the following information in order we can study your application:

1) A brief information about the company and people that would participate as partners;

2) Proposal about geographical situation for the plant installation;

3) Possibility to obtain a regime of Tax free zone, etc.

Please, send us this information by e-mail and a copy via fax, using your organization's letterhead: (+34) 91-388-3203 or (+34) 91-300-5372

As soon as you can reply us this information, we will answer in a few days.

Sincerely yours,

Ernesto S. Medina
Legal Department, CEO Office Staff
SCiNet Corp., Science Network
Mini-plants International Office
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