Rapid Prototyping service bureau for Jewellery in Canada

From: Jacob Ferencz (jfblc@jonction.net)
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 21:08:01 EEST

Hi-Tech Jewellery Designing & Modeling

5455 De Gaspe Suit 904

Montreal Quebec H2T 3B3

Tell 514 904-2649 Fax 514 274-7246





ATT: Jewelers. If you Are doing your Jewellery designs with 3D CAD Software and sending out your STL files to output the models. HI-TECH is a service bureau for Rapid Prototyping by using the Solid Scape MM2 Model Maker which will output your STL files in wax models with a very high resolution.

For more information about this technology please visit at www.Solidscape.com

For information about CAD designing visit www.Rhino3D.com or www.jcadcam.com




MM2Model Maker


Jacob Ferencz
Hi-Tech Jewelry Designing
5455 DE Gaspe Suite #904
Montreal Canada
514 904-2649
Cell 514 806-6367


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