Looking for prices on a Benchtop SLA system

From: Tim Goddard (TGoddard@DStarEngineering.com)
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 18:32:08 EEST

I'm acting on some strong interest within our company to acquire a
benchtop/stand alone SLA_system with the following items detailed. I
believe there are vendors on this list as I've been on and off within
the past year. So if you could send some brochures, website links, or
just write down some information on what you have and what ranges of
costs there are, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Flexibility of resin materials, if it can operate on more than one
type, or at least one type that is semi or entirely resistant to fuels
such as diesel.


    Step size: I'm unsure what is reasonable, and I know that this is
most probably a large factor in determining cost. So if 0.003" is too
small, lets open that up to the vendors own discretion. If 0.020" is
the norm, than that's what we'll be looking at.

    Bed Size: This probably is divided into small, medium, large sizes
so at the moment we'd need a 6"x6" so whatever fits into that, and
possibly larger

    File Formats, Operating system, and operating software


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