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Hello Bjorn,

One of our (prototyping) customers uses our FDM-PC (polyCarbonate) prototyping parts for vaginal inspection equipment tests. The problem with prototyped SLS-Duraform is the fact that powder-particles allways (may) come loose from the product/prototype no matter what surface finish is done. An FDM part is made by fully melting the material, instead of (surface)melting small PA particles. Above that, PA is not approved for this kind of medical use as far as I know (?)

Soon PPSU will be available for prototyping. This material is also used for production of medical equipment parts. We ourselves run PSU/PES (Poly(Ether)Sulfone) and PEEK on our injectionmoulding-machines for series production of (medical) membrane applications.

Perhaps you can do something with this ...

Kind regards,

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  Hi there

  Are anyone aware of duraform products used in the medical industry?
  I am looking for products which have been approved for contact with mucous membranes.
  Knowledge of such products might make things easier for me...

  Yours sincerely

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