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Mehmet and all,

I have had numerous requests for a copy of the "Shelby and Clarence the
Clayosaurus Discover Stereolithography" 1st thanks for the interest and ALL
inquiries should be sent to: While I don't mind
donating my time, materials and the Clarence books to grade school students
(total $expense for one 27 student class (26 students and 1 teacher) is
$743.65) I do mind sending free ones to those that earn a living. The books
are $14.95 plus 3.95 P&H with in the US and $4.95 in all other areas and
come with a small Clarence sla piece that is about 2" long. Again please
direct all inquires to the email address above as these have nothing to do
with my day job and I don't want to irritate our IT folks here at Williams.
I can put together kits with all required materials and instructions on how
to do the demo if anyone is interested. I do not have a slide presentation
as grade school students don't sit still very long so the entire thing is
off the cuff and is set up to run about an hour.

Karl R. Denton
Lead Engineer
RP and Casting Operations
Williams International

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Hi Carl,

I am really charmed about your activity that you did at grade school. Many
times I have tried to tell people in Turkey (most of them were engineer )
the Rapid Prototyping Technologies on the world but really many of them did
not understand a bit about the technology since they lost their imagination

The idea of teaching the kids the future technologies is really a good idea
that all the leading companies have to support this idea.

Today the kids are much different than the childhood of our generation. They
all are computer oriented and playing with ready (factory produced) toys. In
my childhood we were making our toys by ourselves like scooter (so it is
called now), kites, small wooden cars etc. etc. But now the kids find
everything ready and they do not live the excitement and fun of producing a
toy to play. New generation is coming with courteous hands!!!!

I kindly ask for this books' copy for me too, if it is possible to send via

thanks to Carl that made me excited with such an interesting event.

Regards all

Mehmet SALIM

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Well said! I have been going to my daughters grade school for 3 years now
doing a demo on phase change using polyurethanes and rubber molds and of
course masters made from SL and other technologies. Up until last year I
did the demo for one class of about 26 students and the entire 3rd grade
decided they wanted the demo as well. Last year there were over 150 kids
and each one had a million questions. It is VERY refreshing to be involved
in such an event. At previous years demos I made a small PU figure of a
character my daughter came up with called Clarence the Clayosaurus (the
original figure was made of clay). At last years event I passed out a book
where Shelby (my daughter) and Clarence tell how StereoLithography works.
Attached to each book was a stereolithography figure of Clarence. The kids
ate it up! The demo ends with a race between myself and the teachers using
a foaming PU that (at least, last year) was colored to match red, white and
blue. We mixed the to liquids and the winner is determined by the height of
the resulting solid. There are a million ways to reach kids with this stuff
and in my case it was the thinking of a fresh out of college teacher in my
then 3rd graders class.

More information about Clarence can be found on my personal website at:

Karl R. Denton
Lead Engineer
RP and Casting Operations
Williams International

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