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From: William LeBlanc (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 17:55:03 EEST

I have been dealing with the accugen 100ND bubble issue since March and it is not a simple issue to solve.

In my case the worst part about the bubbles is parts crashing. If the bubbles managed to move on or near a build layer this would cause imperfections (i.e. material solidifying above the resin level) and after a few layers of this build up the part would crash.

I have tried countless possibilities in collaboration with 3D customer support & the field engineers and the best working solution I have found up to now is:

1. I use the default trapped volume build style and I increase the hatch overcures by 1 mil.

2. I use different sweep velocities depending on the geometry ( I haven't quite found a reliable pattern yet).
If I have a simple one part build I use 1 sweep @ 2inch/sec.
If I have a somewhat full platform of simple parts I will use 1 sweep @ 1inch/sec.
If I have a full platform, or If I am really not sure, I will use 2 sweeps @ 1 inch/sec and sometimes I will go 2 inch/sec if I am confident that it will work.
The two sweeps seem to help vacuum up the bubbles created on the first sweep.

I hope this can help and I am also interested in any other suggestions.

Kind regards,

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>>> "Lokulenge Ladu" <> 09/16/02 08:47PM >>>

Fellow Rper's

Has anyone had experienced or currently experiencing bubbles with
Accugen 100 resin?
Any response is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Prince Ladu

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