RE: SLS problems; Need help!

From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 16:47:05 EEST

Did it just lock up?

1) Have you tried a different build file? I've had some get corrupted and
when I start from scratch, it will sometimes fix the problem.

2) Maybe the .stl file is messed up. We've had scanner errors cause the
system to lock up. You can check this with the A/B box. I'm not sure how
to tell u to decipher the scanner computer screen, but the action is listed
at the bottom and if it has verbage related to it being screwed up, then
it's had an error. :)

3) Do you have enough memory on your hard drive? I've had issues where it
tries to slice and save it to the hard drive, but there is not enough
memory. This will cause it to lock up.

4) We've had the same issue with one of our Vanguard systems. It is the
furthest system from the hub, and is quite a bit slower via the network.
The system would keep locking up. We replaced the scanner computer and the
main computer. We reloaded the software, replaced a network card, formated
the hard driver. . . pretty much everything. We found that disconnecting
the computer from the network before the build fixed the problem. Seems the
system would periodically look for the network, not find it in the alloted
time, and give up. . . sitting there pouting until we came in the next
morning to console it. I tell you what, if these systems would just learn
to communicate. I can't read their mind. It woulda been a lot easier if it
would have told me. :)

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  Hi all,
      I had a problem today with a build on a SLS 2500+ and I was wondering
if you have any solutions. The build started of fine on the warm up stage
but when it switches to the build stage the system just seems to stall. The
build profile seems to be fine. Any ideas?

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