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From: Dan Medford (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 21:39:14 EEST

We have been doing 3d scanning for many years in our inspection lab.
We're not in Michigan - we're in Minneapolis. But, 40% of our business
comes from out of state. We've got plenty of references.
Let me know if you would like to discuss this...
Dan Medford
President - QC Inspection Services, Inc.
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You can contact Capture 3d,
<> ,, the GOM
distributors in USA. They have a California and a Detroit office with
some ATOS scanners in action.
If you need additional help, you can also contact me,
With best regards
Ernst Müller
GOM International AG
Bremgarterstrasse 89B
Tel: +41 56 631 04 04
CH- 8967 Widen (Switzerland)
Fax: +41 56 631 04 07
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Betreff: local 3d scanner
I am looking for the latest information on reverse engineering (service
bureaus and applications). I would love to find someone local to the
Detroit area.
Anybody have any suggestions?
Doug Groh
3G Services Inc.
23984 Cedar Ridge Ct.
Brownstown, MI, 48174
734-284-8078 Fax

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