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From: Chris Sutcliffe (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 12:40:34 EEST

Dear List

Please reply of the list to this enquiry.

I've recently started having trouble with my PC flashing advertisements on
my desktop. The most popular ones are as follows

Free info
Scratch and Win
and Columbia CD's

I've tried to stop it from happening but I can't. It is the most irritating
of thing to hit my PC yet. I've tried adware plus which removed 2
components which were causing me to loose my cool but the problem persists.
Can any one out there help me.

Best regards


Dr. Chris Sutcliffe

Rapid, Micro and Bio Manufacturing Research
The University of Liverpool
Department of Engineering
Ashton Building
Brownlow Hill
L69 3GL

Tel. (0151) 794 4316
Fax. (0151) 794 4675
Mobile (0151) 794 7729


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