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Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 23:37:27 EEST

He didn't start the Y2K Buzz I did! And I'll promote RP while I do the
radio talk show circuit, you can easily send checks or money orders and fund
myself as well.

Kirk Brown
Rapid Prototyping Specialist

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I recently received a solicitation from Peter de Jager who wanted money in
order to popularize RP to the masses. In talking with him today, he
admittedly does not know anything about the technology, does not have any
idea of the manufacturing processes, qualification for the technology
application or anything about RP manufacturing.

However, he does want the RP community to fund him as he does the talk show

He believes he is the best one to do this - because he claims that he
started the Y2K media hype that drove the development of all Y2K products.
And he claims that he can bring the media to us. Yet when I asks why I
never heard of him if he founded this incredible ground swell that drove a
market, there is no answer.

I would heartily suggest that one don't buy into the scheme unless you are
very, very sure of the return on investment to your business.

B. J. Arnold-Feret

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