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Ouch. Anybody have a tissue?

I got pinged by Mr. de Jager as well. I politely placed his literature in
File 13.

I think it is probably a little premature to blame the industry for lack of
foresight. It took many years to bring computers from service bureau
environment to laptops. Companies would buy those huge things and sell time
on them for computation, which I still think is done in certain
applications. But, the desktop didn't come about until the early 80s, and
didn't get truly affordable until the mid to late 80s. I'm not a huge
history buff on the origins of computers, but I know that sci-fi in the 60s
started including computers in portraits of the future. That is 20+ yrs
from Hollywood embracing the future of this technology until it came into
reality. . . and I wouldn't call the 64k RAM, 5 1/4 floppy (tape drive
optional) machine earth shattering. Hollywood has just recently picked up
on the concept of RP in movies like Small Soldiers, Face Off, and Jurasic
Park. The earlier version of RP - the replicator of Star Trek - was based
more on fantasy like the teleporter than on reality.

We need to be deligent, responsible, and patient. The RP industry has a
solid future. . . but keep our eyes on the next step. These guys can't
afford to sacrifice the future by not taking care of the present. They have
to produce a product that can be sold this week. They need a positive cash
flow in order to invest in the future.

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Sounds to me like this is just another scam artist! RP will never go to the
masses until the RP equipment manufactures start thinking that way. While was (and still is) the best effort to date, the reality of
it is as long as the RP equipment manufacturers continue to have a short
sighted view of the world their only audience will be the SME mailing list!

Karl R. Denton
Lead Engineer
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I recently received a solicitation from Peter de Jager who wanted money in
order to popularize RP to the masses. In talking with him today, he
admittedly does not know anything about the technology, does not have any
idea of the manufacturing processes, qualification for the technology
application or anything about RP manufacturing.

However, he does want the RP community to fund him as he does the talk show

He believes he is the best one to do this - because he claims that he
started the Y2K media hype that drove the development of all Y2K products.
And he claims that he can bring the media to us. Yet when I asks why I
never heard of him if he founded this incredible ground swell that drove a
market, there is no answer.

I would heartily suggest that one don't buy into the scheme unless you are
very, very sure of the return on investment to your business.

B. J. Arnold-Feret

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