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Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 19:26:29 EEST

Try the following links:
These 2 vendors allow for the view and markup of many industry
native Cad formats i.e. Pro,UG,Catia etc.
Also they are "thin client",which means that a webbrowser is all
that is needed on the client or user end for collaborative view
and markup.
This creates more of a server side deployment issue because of
being J2EE or java compliant it reguires the use of, web servers
(BEA-Websphere),java servlets (RMI-EJB), view and markup specific
application servers as well familiarity with JDK and JRE (java
development kit and runtime env).....anyway you get the idea.

The net is that in order to deploy via a webbrowser (I.E. or
Netscape) for use out side of your firewall or even inside your
firewall, it requires alot more IT infrastructure support than
standard thick client applications because webbased applications
normally compile the code on the server and the output to the
client browser is HTML only.

But since many webbased applications, both skinny client(no java
applet) and thin client (java applet for API extensions) are used
through out many organizations today these infrastructure
components are most likely already in place.
Jim Klohr

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>Hello All,
>Does anyone have any information or experience with any online
>collaboration software/ service? The primary use would be
markup and
>discussion of 3D CAD models (Pro-E, and VX).
>David Yarnell
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