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WOW! Outstanding. Thanks for sharing this.... Education has a limitless
ROI!! Ignorance has a limitless COST!!

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|Dear Mr. Wohlers,
|I accompanied several Chicago Job Corp students at IMTS last
|week. This was
|my second student summit. In 2000 I brought my son, then a 6th
|grader. He
|learned a lot and was impressed with manufacturing technology.
|The show was
|a great way to teach him about processes. At that time I was pleasantly
|surprised that junior high students were allowed to attend.
|Since then I
|have learned that if students are not introduced to manufacturing in a
|positive way before high school, we have little chance of ever
|them for the trades. I suspect that this may be true for manufacturing
|engineers as well.
|This year I sponsored a tour of manufacturing students and
|their instructor
|from the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center. The student summit has a
|headquarters with a lounge that serves as a staging area as well as
|providing refreshments. This is a huge help to group leaders.
|The student
|summit headquarters also had booths by the Natl. Inst. of Metalworking
|Standards, the Tooling and Manufacturing Association, the ASME, the
|Precision Metalforming Association, and others promoting careers in
|My group was treated well by all vendors and the students
|responded well.
|The Job Corps instructor, Mr. Burnis Thomas, got a lot of
|mileage out of
|this field trip which he used to highlight processes, tooling,
|and careers. This group stayed for 5 hours. Box lunches were purchased
|through McCormick place and delivered to the Student Summit lounge.
|Note that they also allow students to attend the design show held at
|McCormick Place every March (National Manufacturing Week), but it's not
|like this. If I recall correctly, it is usually just the last
|day that is
|open to students and the reception is nowhere near as warm.
|The IMTS is providing a great service by opening up their show
|to students.
|Ray Prendergast
|Instructor, Oakton Community College Business Institute
|Consultant, Learntec and Associates
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