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Summary: Solidscape, Inc. Introduces New Product, the T66
Personal 3D Solid Modeling System

September 18, 2002 (Merrimack, NH) - Solidscape, Inc. today announced
the T66 personal modeler system. Priced at $49,900 USD*, the T66
provides an affordable alternative to traditional methods of creating
master patterns. Based on 4th generation Solidscape technology, the T66
system boasts the best price/accuracy ratio in the industry.

"We are very excited about the T66 and the value that it brings to the
industry," said David Bothwell, Solidscape's president and CEO. "For
people who investment cast intricate parts requiring an outstanding
surface finish, and incorporating fine feature detail, the Solidscape
T66 is the solution to consider. The lower price and small footprint
(23"W x 26"D) will make it quite attractive for use at the departmental

The T66 hardware/software system produces high-precision casting masters
from industry standard 3D CAD files. Using an additive, drop-on-demand
technology, the T66 boasts an accuracy of 0.001 inches per inch across
the X,Y and Z dimensions. Features can be as small as 0.010 inches and
layers as thin as 0.0005 inches. The maximum build area is 6"W x 6"D x

The T66 personal modeling system jets a proprietary thermoplastic for
model creation and a dissolvable wax support structure to support
cavities, overhangs and undercuts. The thermoplastic is ideal for
investment casting, exhibiting no shrinkage or expansion and a clean,
low temperature burnout. Both materials are non-toxic. The T66
personal modeler operates in an office environment with no special
electrical requirements and fits nicely into your existing office
environment with its relatively small footprint.

Solidscape, Inc., a privately held company with over 700 systems
installed worldwide, manufactures the T66, PatternMaster and ModelMaker
II systems in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA.

* $49,900 is the USA price with a 90-day warranty. International price
is $53,750 with a one-year warranty. All prices USD.
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Further Information:
Bruce Lustig 603-429-9700, ext. 221 or <>
Graphic images of the T66 and printed material available upon request

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