Re: Solidscape, Inc. Announces New Product

From: Steven Pollack (StevenP@DigitalJeweler.NET)
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 23:49:47 EEST

Well congratulations to the first RP company taking a step away from their
founding users needs towards their future users needs.

Well done. Is the part quality comparable to the MMII? I see the layer
thickness is the same but I am not well versed enough in the other
specifications to know if this is the same or better part quality.

Steven Pollack
President, Digital Jeweler, LLC

News Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Bruce Lustig
Marketing Manager
(603) 429-9700, Ext. 221 <>

Summary: Solidscape, Inc. Introduces New Product, the T66
Personal 3D Solid Modeling System

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