Moldmakers wanted

From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 01:24:23 EEST

Protogenic, a leading prototyping company in beautiful Westminster, CO has
openings for skilled RTV moldmakers (molds are used to cast polyurethane
parts). Some of the requirements are:

1. Must be able to evaluate .stl files, plans, and SLA masters to
determine a part's degree of difficulty, parting lines, potential molding
problems, and finish requirements.

2. Must be able to prepare SLA masters to mold quality finish by
following CTFs (Critical To Function documents), insuring accurate
tolerances, and adhering to special customer requirements.

3. Must design the necessary cores, locate vents and gate(s), and
correctly define parting line so that the finished mold will cleanly and
accurately replicate the required part.

4. A minimum of 2 years of experience in making RTV molds from SLA or
other physical patterns is required.

We focus on close-tolerance, beautiful parts. Check our website to see the
quality of the work we turn out. If you have what it takes to produce
excellent molds, send resume and salary expectatations by replying to this
e-mail or, if you prefer, to the street address below (to my attention).

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart
protogenic, inc.
1490 w. 121 ave., suite 101 phone:303-252-0212
westminster, co 80234 fax:303-252-0223

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