Results TNO project "EDM electrodes by RP&T", including offsetge nerator for STL-s

Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 12:53:30 EEST

Dear list-members,

Past year we have been working on the project "EDM electrodes by RP&T" for
which the RPML was consulted too. I wanted to let you know that the full
results will be presented at upcoming Time Compression Technologies
conference, Manchester (16/17 oct). During the project, the need for a good
working offsetgenerator on STL files became clear. It was developed and this
will also be presented. After this event a summary will be made available to
the list.

Regards to all,

Bart Kooijmans

Ing. N.M.J.P. Kooijmans

Prototyping and Tooling engineer, projectleader
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