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Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 20:19:22 EEST

Hello List

Guys, It is probably more like spam filters at the individual recipients
ISP (internet service providers), your end . That's why you are not
getting your RPML list consistently!
You might be thinking I don't have a SPAM filter.. Well some ISPs filter
mail before they hand it off to you! This in an effort, to get rid of
the most likely offending mail, Even virus these days, if your lucky.
Spam filters look at all portions of your letters, For example: If you
put a series "$$$$" signs or the word "win cash" in your subject line
you will for sure get your letter bounced, it will not get to the
People on the list whose ISP uses spam filters. If this letter gets to
you, It means your ISP probably does not filter mail, YET. The simple
series "$$$$" signs or the word "win cash" even in the body of this
letter will kill it at the more aggressive filters.
So this is letter can be considered a "Test". If you want to test it
further forward this letter and copy this ""$$$$" signs or the word "win
cash"" into the subject line and send it to yourself.
So when creating a letter to send to the list don't make it look like
SPAM, if it looks like SPAM to the filter because of what you typed in
then that one letter won't get there to some People.

Rapid Dude, Likely this is not your problem RIGHT NOW or no mail would
get through because this is a mailing list, SPAM filters hate mailing
list. It would just be blocked from someone's ISP and no RPML mail would
get through to the ones having trouble, Not just some RPML mail. But in
the future SPAM filters will get stronger at ISPs like MSN, ATT and all
of the big guys. They are under increasing pressure to eliminate SPAM.
There is a real threat to our list.

Ron Barranco

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On Tue, 1 Oct 2002 wrote:
> Hi Folks:

> I think there's a problem with the list.
I'm sorry to hear of the problems. And Thank You for leting me know.
Since I cannot follow all the traffic in the world it is important that
you report this kind of events to me (as long as the rp-ml's are coming
to me it's really hard to see if there's any problems).

> Not all messages are being received by all recipients. Sounds like
> some subscribers got kicked off, as well.
The only ones that I know of are the ones that were constantly out of
reach (unknown addresses). Any others kicked out that I should know of?

> It's not easy to tell that this is true, but you may notice that
> subsequent messages have quoted messages that you may not have gotten
> originally.
Occasionally the original ones are delivered later than the replays...
that's the kind of email mystique that happens every day. But if you
really do not receive the original message at all... Well that is a bit
annoying (and a problem).

> I can easily see that there's a problem because I have the list sent
> to 2 different ISP's and about 20% of the messages aren't getting
> through to this acct.
That's odd... I looked through the 284megs of logfiles and couldn't find
any indication that your address shouldn't have all the messages - one
or two minor delays, but other than that - no problems. I wonder where
the messages have disappeared. I'll have to ask some1 wiser than

I know that some of the mailservers, such as started to
treat as a source of spams - perhaps due to the amount of
traffic (or then some friendly, but dummy, soul has reported it as a
source and got us to the black list...) That may be the case in some

> Anybody know what gives?
Yeah, does anyone have a clue?

Yours truly

Hannu Kaikonen <> 'owner rp-ml' *Share and Enjoy!*

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