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Good article, sad but true, and the designs that do go over to China tend to
get copied and made there so a lot of intellectual property is lost by doing
this. This has happened to the plastic injection molding industry with toys
for example. The molds are farmed out to China because they are
inexpensive to make there even with shipping and then they (and I don't want
to imply that everybody there does this!) make several copies of the molds
for themselves and start producing the toys themselves.
Perhaps this is the one saving grace of owning your own SLA machine (and it
was one of the reasons I used in justifyiung a SLA-5000 machine) is to
maintain design confidentiality and intellectual property inhouse.

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Glenn Whiteside

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> Sometimes it takes an outsider to clearly see what the RP industry faces
> as competitive pressures. In a slightly humorous article, CIO magazine
> illustrates the challenges that RP and collaboration tools face. Hope
> you enjoy it.
> http://www.cio.com/archive/100102/worldview.html
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