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Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 00:03:35 EEST

A reply to the replies and to the article. . .

1) I agree that something fancy doesn't always beat good ol' sweat. I
think we sometimes force things into the technology mold when it does not
apply. With all the innovation, hasn't the average time spent in the
kitchen stayed the same?

2) With excess worldwide capacity in about everything from shoe salesmen to
retail outlet super-cops, we see tremendous pressures in pricing. So, to
"include" the design and prototyping in order to get the manufacturing order
is something being done more and more. So, I think that is a VERY valid
point made by the article.

3) The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are seeing the
logical progression of world wide ecomony. . .
- agrarian society
- apprenticeships
- industrial revolution
- technological innovation
- 401k introduced
- Massive Investments in Stock Market
- Big Bonus for Mr. CEO Hot Shot
- increased competition
- outsource products overseas to make Big Bonus
- loss of jobs to make Big Bonus
- no jobs to pay for overseas products
- agrarian society.

Farmers had a lot of down time, anyways. . . would be a good stress relief
and a change of pace. At least in an agrarian society, you could eat your
product if it didn't sell. :)

Ah - Edible SLA . . .

Need to work on that one.

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