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Great points to all.

However - Once looking at a "deeper" prospective, the largest problem is the
management prospective on the entire situation. Once 'ol John boy has made
his point, it becomes highly visible within the company, or more simply a
target for every promotion seeking weasel there. All of a sudden, John boy
not only has competition for his job, but has the task of learning a new
technology as well (the collaborative software). Of course, now anybody on
the "best dressed" list (regardless of proficiency) is after 'ol JB's job
with the hopes of big promotions. And it's easy to convince current
management that a more impressive pedigree is ALWAYS better than good ol'
sweat. Once the take-over is complete, 'ol John boy either goes to the
competition or changes careers entirely.

End result is loss of "tribal knowledge" (that which made it so efficient in
the first place) and no interim CAD designs and preliminary work to go back
to. Business falters, people get the axe.....sound familiar?

Like Dave said: "The more things change, the more they stay the same. "

Roger Spielman
Regale Corp.

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On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Blasch, Larry wrote:
> The company in question no longer has any knowledge of how to make a
> product.

Gotta agree - if they need a Chinese guy to account for all those
terribly difficult aspects of shoe design, like that shoes have to be
made out of actual materials and they have to be sewn together, what
are they paying their own designers for? Crayon drawings? Not even
that, since they're faxing the sketches.


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