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             While I was in Uni I had the same thought but different approach. My idea was to have a universal sort of mold or visualisation tool with having mesh of thin pins which can slide up and down. You might have seen in toys shop, a plate holding many sliding pins, you just put on top of any object pins follow the same shape. My idea was same but rather than manual movement, these pins were supposed to be actuated by reading the XYZ co-ordinates from the CAD model. Imagine this unit sitting next to your CAD system and pins keep on forming the shape while you drawing. But controlling individual movement of so many pins was almost impossibe.
        Easiest method I found was to run the cutter path on top of the pins, obviously cutter has no cutting edges just like a smooth ball to roll over the pins and these pins are pushed in according to the cutter path. Once path is finished these pins are locked by the sorrounding mold frame.
                Anyway that was just my idea which never gone into practical hands just rejuvinated my memories by reading your mail.

Rick Virdi

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   Dear RP&T professionals: are you doing ? I have almost developed an innovative near net-shaping technology,named Cubic Cell Mold,which can be effectively used in RT field.CCM consists of tiny cubic cells that can make rough cavity/core surfaces like Lego blocks,and each cubic cell has its own shape unit(each shapes are from shape library) on one of its 6 sides,which can drastically reduce time for final finishing.I think you can hardly understand what I have developed.

  Now I would like to share some more detail ideas of this technology with those
  who could give me their feelings or opinions on this concept.

  Looking forward to hearing from those who are interested...

  Rapidly yours,

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