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Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 21:12:18 EEST

Eitan, Invisalign ( had a presentation at the User's
Group Conference and they mentioned their hazmat disposal procedures. They
had gotten it down to a smaller problem than I'd have thought likely.
Perhaps they'd have some thoughts for you.
  I have been known in the past to harden old resin in the sun, then just
toss it in the dumpster like any other piece of plastic, but our hazmat
people tell me this is not a good idea..... you'll need to check your local
  Current procedure here now in Southern California is to have our haz
people take old resin and dispose of it for us. I'm not sure what they do
with it.

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Subject: hazardous waste disposal

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with having to dispose
of the various stereolithography resins. What are the important
regulations you had to comply with how, much weight and volume of
material did you have to get rid of and what did it cost you to do so.

Eitan Priluck

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