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Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 20:53:20 EEST

AccuGen 100 *#%*!/#Dave,

I would certainly recommend DSM SOMOS materials. We use their 7120, 9120,
and 10120 resins and find that they are easy to work with and produce very
nice parts. I'd be happy to discuss it with you off line.

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  Are there any others out there using AccuGen 100 (RPC 100 ND) that are
thoroughly fed up with the build quality, bubbles, clean-up,
viscosity.......etc. ??

  We are ready to switch!!
  Any recommendations on a Fast, Accurate, Durable, Low Viscosity resin for
solid state lasers???
  Please no sales pitches, I would like to hear from experienced hands-on


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