robotmech heads for significant time-savings with on-line and aut omated part ordering and quoting system developed by Materialise

Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 10:37:39 EEST

robotmech heads for significant time-savings with on-line and automated part
ordering and quoting system developed by Materialise

Leuven, October 11, 2002 - As from this week SPEED, the online part quoting
and ordering system of robotmech, an Austrian based service bureau
specialised in prototypes and small series, is on-line. SPEED will enable
robotmech to realise significant time-savings in handling quotation requests
and orders. This is the result of the purchase of an Electronic Part quoting
and Ordering System (EPOS) from Materialise, a leading software developer.
Being a competitive Rapid Prototyping bureau implies being rapid in the
whole process, including the quoting and ordering process. Materialise
assisted robotmech in realising this by providing them with a customised,
tailor-made system that handles all quotation requests and orders on-line
and automatically.

Klaudia Marte, technician at robotmech, has had prior experience with SPEED,
and approved of its functionality even before the SPEED server was installed
at her site. She uses the system to make quotations on a regular basis.
Klaudia Marte: "The system has proven it can calculate accurate and
realistic prices and delivery dates. I'm convinced that the SPEED system
will offer our sales people significant time savings. At the same time, it
provides our customers with an advanced, fast and secure way to request
quotations and to order parts. The direct link that is thus established with
our customers presents many marketing opportunities."

Materialise's EPOS has been full proof tested and operational since 1998.
EPOS is a client-server system connecting customers directly to a company's
internal server via the Internet. The custom client software enables
customers to send quotation requests and orders for their unique parts
directly to the company's server. The server handles the quotes and orders
automatically, each time carefully calculating an appropriate price, based
on the specific geometry of the part(s) in question. EPOS is customised
according to the company's specific situation and requirements.

For robotmech, EPOS was customised into SPEED to meet the specific
requirements and needs of the business processes at robotmech. Wim
Verstraeten, EPOS project manager at Materialise: "For us, the start of the
SPEED service at robotmech is the result of a stimulating and challenging
customisation project. We developed and implemented among others an entire
new license, pricing and capacity reservation system. Since the majority of
robotmech's customers speak German, we transformed the system into a
multilingual one. The client software is available in an English version and
a German one. Also the SPEED web site can be consulted in both languages:
the web site automatically adapts its language to the one of the client
software. Furthermore, we also carried out a whole range of smaller
adaptations to ensure optimal tuning of SPEED to robotmech's specific

For more info on EPOS, visit Materialise's web site at http://

About robotmech:

robotmech is the biggest rapid prototyping service bureau in Austria. From
its start in 1995, its main objective is to meet the customers growing
demand for a very speedy delivery of high quality rapid prototyping parts to
a fair price. The recent launch of the speed online quoting and ordering
system is definitely a milestone in reaching this aim. In the background the
company has also increased their production capacities significantly. At the
moment robotmech offers the following services: Stereolithography, Medical
Models, Plastic Laser Sintering, Vacuumcasting, Nyloncasting, Lost Wax
investment casting, Sandcasting

For more info on robotmech, visit the company's web site at

About Materialise:

Materialise, with headquarters in Belgium, started in 1990 in the sector of
rapid prototyping. Since that time, the company has experienced an
exponential growth. Materialise is more than just one of the leading
European Rapid Prototyping providers. Materialise software is used worldwide
by the leading companies of the automotive, aerospace and consumer
electronics. Materialise has offices all over the world and the largest
software development team in the sector with locations in Belgium and Kiev

For more information, visit <> or contact:

In Europe: Materialise NV, Technologielaan 15, 3001 Leuven, Belgium, phone
+32 (16) 39 66 11. E-mail: <>

In the US: Materialise US, 6111 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor MI 48103, phone
(734) 662 5057. E-mail: <>

In Japan: Yokohama Portside Building 2F, 8-1 Sakae-cho-Kanagawa-ku,
Yokohama, phone 81-45-440-4591. E-mail: <>

In South-East Asia: Materialise Software Malaysia, Unit D6-03 Phileo
Damansara 1, No 9 Jln 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya, phone (603) 766 52 988.
E-mail: <>

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